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Welcome to our press room. To make your reporting as easy as possible, you will find logos, photography and all relevant company information not included in our News and Investor Relations sections here. We are happy to support you in your work. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Press Releases/Corporate NewsJuly 21, 2023

Tion Renewables AG invites to Annual General Meeting 2023 and publishes Annual Report for financial …

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Media CoverageApril 14, 2023

ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN: "Bis zu zehn Prozent Rendite für Batterieprojekte" (in German)

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Media CoverageMarch 28, 2023

4investors: "clearvise AG - Tion-Chef Siddiqui: "Wir bleiben der größte Aktionär"" (in German)

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Media CoverageMarch 27, 2023

ECOreporter: "Grünstromerzeuger Tion wird verkauft – clearvise-Deal geplatzt" (in German)

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Media CoverageMarch 27, 2023 "Tion Renewables: EQT Active Core Infrastructure neuer Hauptaktionär" (in German)

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Media CoverageMarch 25, 2023

Nebenwerte Magazin: "TION Mehrheit von EQT übernommen – Delisting angestrebt. Clearvise Deal gepl…

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Media CoverageMarch 20, 2023 "Tion Renewables meldet Umsatzanstieg für 2022" (in German)

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