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in motion.

Accelerating the transition
towards a clean energy future.

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A new era of energy.

The urgency of the energy transition has never been greater. The world is changing. So are we. Pacifico Renewables AG becomes Tion Renewables AG. A company making use of the full spectrum of opportunities offered by the increasing global efforts to decarbonize our electricity system.

Progressive, meticulous, dynamic & highly ambitious. We are united by a shared passion and commitment to accelerating the transition towards a clean energy future. We want to lead into the new era of sustainable energy and shape our future. A future in motion.

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Our Name - Tion Renewables

Our name is short, memorable, modern and dynamic. It captures our progressive nature, our innovative approach, our virtues and aspirations as a company.

Below are the key foundations of our name.

01.The Suffix

The suffix “-tion” composes the last four letters of “transition” This represents our unwavering focus on the energy transition.


Nouns of action such as “acceleration”, “innovation” and “motion” all contain the suffix “-tion”. These nouns denote our dynamic, progressive, ambitious and agile nature.


The term, “ion” is housed within our name. An ion is a charged atom created in the process of creating free electrons to generate electricity. This stands for the energy space we operate in.


”Renewables” embodies our core activities and our origin as renewables natives.

We need to rapidly decarbonize the world. It is on us to lead into a new era of sustainable energy. We are dedicated to make this change happen. To set the foundation for a future we and next generations can look forward to.

Our Co-CEOs, Christoph Strasser & Dr. Martin Siddiqui

Our news.

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Pacifico Renewables Yield AG: The energy transition investment company of tomorrow

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