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October 10, 2022Press Releases/Corporate News

Pacifico Renewables Yield AG becomes Tion Renewables AG

  • Name change to Tion Renewables AG completed
  • New brand reflects the energy transition as the center of the group’s activities
  • Rebranding accompanies strategic expansion to broaden business model

Gruenwald, October 10, 2022 Last week, Tion Renewables AG’s name change from Pacifico Renewables Yield AG to Tion Renewables AG officially became effective.

New brand reflects the energy transition as the center of the group’s activities

The group’s passion and commitment to accelerate the energy transition is now reflected in its name. In addition, the new brand embodies the group’s progressive and dynamic approach and its aspirations.

Christoph Strasser, Co-CEO of Tion Renewables AG: “The energy transition is at the center of everything we do. We wanted this to be reflected in our name. ‘Tion’ makes up the last four letters of ‘energy transition’ and is found in other nouns of action such as ‘acceleration’, ‘motion’, or ‘innovation’. These nouns denote our character and for what we stand. Furthermore, our name contains the term ‘ion’. Ions are charged particles that occur in the process of creating free electrons to produce electricity, they thus depict the wider space we operate in: Energy. At last, keeping ‘Renewables’ as part of the full name, represents our core activities and our origin as renewables natives.”

Rebranding accompanies strategic expansion

The rebranding accompanies Tion’s new strategic initiatives to expand the group’s business model. Since Tion’s stock market debut in 2019, the company has built a strong track-record as a dynamically growing renewable energy producer and has secured priority access to a pipeline of more than 5 gigawatts (GW) including 1.5 GW of battery storage projects.

Tion now aims to become the energy transition company of tomorrow. With its strategic expansion announced in July, Tion therefore decided to expand its focus beyond solar and wind projects and beyond deploying only its own balance sheet to benefit from the full spectrum of opportunities offered by the increasing global efforts to decarbonize the electricity system and by the group’s sizeable pipeline.

The name change was approved by Tion’s annual general meeting on August 29, 2022, with 99.99% of attending shareholders supporting the new name. Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH, one of Tion’s partner companies, will retain the previously shared brand as a renewable energy project developer.

Further information about Tion’s new name and the group’s strategic initiatives can be found on

About Tion

Driven by the commitment to accelerating the transition toward a clean energy future, Tion Renewables AG operates a portfolio of wind and photovoltaic power plants across Europe with an installed capacity of 159 megawatts (MW), holds a stake in the European IPP clearvise AG, and has priority access to a pipeline of more than 5 gigawatts (GW) of photovoltaic and battery storage projects. By investing into both infrastructure and businesses within the energy transition space, Tion makes use of the full spectrum of opportunities offered by the increasing global efforts to decarbonize our electricity system. The company went public in 2019 and is tradable on Xetra as well as other German open market exchanges (ISIN: DE000A2YN371). To learn more, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn.



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